Hey there. I’m Bee. I coach health conscious women who can’t figure out how to get their life balance right and are exhausted, overwhelmed and seeking direction. They love fitness and health but have so many balls in the air they’re totally pooped and don’t know what to do next. Sound familiar?

I remind these gorgeous gals about balance, embracing femininity, the importance of nutrition and I give them the tools to get more energy, while making it feel like someone truly has their back (seriously, the support is Ridiculous).

When I began my real passion journey I first studied clinical nutrition. Boom! Light bulbs were going off all over the place.

Paul Chek has been my key influence and educator on the holistic health front since then and I’ve gone on to complete levels 1 and 2 in Holistic Health Coaching. I am constantly glued to my podcasts and the books that now surround my bed. Learning, exploring, understanding health really gets me all juiced and jazzed.

When I’m not reading about wellbeing, writing content or listening to my mentors I can be found trying to improve my handstands, scaling up a wall at indoor rock climbing or watching the latest episode of Suits.


If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 things you likely don’t know about me:

#1 I drink warm water all day. Seriously, the jug is boiling just about non-stop – it’s that ‘not too cold, not too hot’ thing.

#2 My interview to get into the Media Studies program was SO BAD that I got declined. Mum went on my behalf and begged them to let me in. I got in and was the honours student two years running. Huzzah!

#3 I went through a stage when I was a little girl of sleeping with my head where my feet go (a la Pippy Longstocking). I can tell you that it never lasted too long with the imminent threat of suffocation and the heat.


Hey thanks for hanging out and finding out a bit more of what makes me tick. You can work with me right now by emailing me at bee@wellnessmentor.com.au


One Comment on ““Meet Bee”

  1. Ruschelle

    A journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, and awe! This is how I describe my wellness mentoring experience with Bee.

    I was sceptical at first but thought I don’t have anywhere to go to heal my chronic scalp flaking/dandruff (I mean big chunks and thickening scalp), dermatitis, and allergic reaction on food that I used to not have. Doctors would tell me “We don’t know what causes dermatitis. I could just give you ointments.”. See my despair? And yes, I’ve been to so many dermatologists already.

    Also, at 40, I couldn’t bring my weight down from 70kg to my ideal weight of 60kg no matter how much I exercise. Surely exercise helped me reached 70kg from 75kg but not anymore lower. I just resigned to thinking that it is with age.

    However, when I journeyed with Bee, I was so surprised when my chronic dandruff and thickening scalp was healed. I still have small bits but not the big chunky ones that I used to have and my scalp went back to normal. Moreover, as a pleasant bonus, my weight went down to 60kg from 70kg and that is with eating a lot, not starving myself to death. It was a eureka moment to say “I can be sexy at 40!” lol! Friends are saying how healthy my skin looks like, how wonderful I look now, how stylish I have become. I believe I gained more self-confidence when I knew I could do something to change my life.

    Journeying with Bee is like being given a guide to help me read the manual of the body I was gifted with. It was surely a journey towards my inner self. For so long, I thought my body can take whatever I feed it with but now I know how to take extra loving care to the one and only body that I got for a lifetime. Thanks Bee!! I am thankful to God for bringing you to my life. You are an instrument to equip me in living out the next phase of my life. Surely, life begins at 40 and thanks for being a part of it!

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