Savoury Pumpkin Pancakes

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Savoury Pumpkin Pancakes

A delightful Winter breakfast that is free from cereals, toast and all of those things people find difficult to navigate away from. Come with me to learn how to make your own pumpkin pancakes and why they rocked my morning…

So give you the context, this morning I was lucky enough to escape the house under the cover of darkness and get to the gym for an early morning workout. This is a new thing as (some of you may already know) I’ve been on the healing road following stage 3 adrenal fatigue (fatigue indeed – it’s positively exhausting) so early morning trips to the gym have been strictly off the schedule.
Anyway, I went yesterday morning and it all came flooding back – why I LOVE the gym in the morning…lots of active bods, music, energy, setting the intentions for the day – it’s awesome. I came home in such a buzz that I found myself shuffling out of bed for the second day in a row today. Up until now my daily practice has looked a little more like this…

I am still in recovery mode and it is soooo important for my progress that I listen to my body’s signals and obey at all times. She tells me two mornings in a row is plenty thanks.

Now to these yummy pancakes that I fed myself upon this mornings return. I happened to glance at Instagram (like I ‘happen’ to glance at it about 12 times a day) and saw a little something that tickled my fancy that @recipe4healing had created. She had made squash pancakes (is American, hence the squashiness) with a boiled egg and avocado. For me this sure does tick a whole lot of boxes – let me name them:

  • Good fats for cell nourishment and energy (also the most easily accessed source of fuel)
  • Protein – the rebuild part of my brekkie
  • Super easy to make
  • Delicious 

You can add any herbs that take your fancy as the pancake has quite a neutral flavour but that’s where the sidekicks come in. I think we chuck so much flavour into our food that sometimes, don’t you think it’s nice just to let your food speak for itself?

To complete the dish, you could add any or all of these bad boys:
Fresh coriander
Boiled egg
Fresh greens
Fresh tomato

I use Great Lakes collagen in drinks and more recently in soups and other cooked meals. It benefits joints and can assist with repair and building cartilage by replacing synovial fluid between joints. Read all about this awesome joint food here.


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