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You’re the type of person who loves to inspire others. When they tell you how well you look, you want to be able to share your journey with them and be an inspiration. You might be a Mum with the incredible advantage of influencing the health of your whole family. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur – driven and passionate but failing to meet your own health markers (but when you do boy will your team benefit). You could be a fitness junkie who simply loves the lit up feeling you get when you’ve had an awesome training session.

There was a moment late last year when I was coaching a client and we were talking about her goals and vision for the future and she was concerned about bringing all of the attention back on herself and everything being about her. When we dove a bit deeper she realised that by elevating her own health she was in a much better place to contribute to her world by having more energy and fewer health complaints. And so she is.

Back to you. So even though you’re a goal-driven kinda gal, right now there are some roadblocks and you’ve not yet reached the heights of health you’re so totally focussed on – even though you’re giving it a damn good shot.

What’s the missing part of the puzzle?

For some it is knowledge. For others support, accountability and application and for many it is unravelling all of the confusion from the hundred thousand Google pages of conflicting information. The one size fits all approach to health is a drastically failing model – whether we’re talking nutrition, exercise or lifestyle balance. We are not all yogis who can dedicate a quiet hour to meditation in amongst the throws of a (dare I say it) busy life.

Coaching with Bee is unique because you are. Every session is geared to set you up for your greatest growth and this is what sets my nutrition and health coaching apart from the masses.

To find out more about how my coaching works and whether we’re right for each other, call me for a free 20 minute no obligation phone call.


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