How musterbating can smother your dreams

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Have you ever stopped to think about how being a ‘should-er’ of ‘musterbater’ could be hindering your progress in your attempts to be the most successful person you can be?

Hesitation, procrastination, and musterbation are all disguises of self sabotage. 

Wayne Dyer said it beautifully in his book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ when he said “What would life look like it we didn’t musterbate and should on ourselves? We’d trust ourselves. We’d be self-reliant. We’d quit TRYING to be anything or anyone. We’d just be ourselves. Authentically expressing ourselves moment to moment to moment.

I love that – ‘musterbate and should all over yourself’ – what a cracker.

Authenticity is what this comes down to as well as the capacity to really be in tune with our values and goals and be prepared to put them front and centre. Should you experience guilt for doing what is most important to you, as opposed to doing what is expected or perhaps what you ‘imagine’ is expected of you, think about this…your guilt for putting yourself first (notwithstanding life threatening situations) will serve no-one – particularly not yourself. “But I feel selfish when I put my needs first” – I can hear the holler from women-folk near and far.

I’ll briefly swing this conversation towards my health mentor, Paul Chek. When he talks about the changes and adaptations to lifestyle that are required to optimise your health it’s not only for your benefit – it’s for you AND the planet. You see, a healthy person is much more able to contribute to a healthy world. From a very basic level they immediately elevate the energy that’s in the world. Then they reduce the stress on the medical industry. Then they are able to contribute in other ways due to increased clarity, increased energy, stronger genetic profile impacting up to five generations to come. Not so selfish, right?

Staying true to your hopes and values is not a selfish act, nor need it be portrayed as such. When I work with clients we spend a good while sorting out the driftwood of excuses, obstacles and more importantly becoming crystal clear about your goals and values. Not having clarity around these is like following a map with no idea about where you’re going. Destination unknown.

I put it to you that in order to be the most amazing person you are, the best parent, the best friend, the most inspiring leader and the healthiest individual, it’s time to put the shoulds away. Stop musterbating. Stop procrastinating and for heaven’s sake take charge, authentically, wholly and without concern for what you ‘should’ do instead of what will fuel your fire. The next time you find yourself ripping out a ‘should’, perhaps pause and ask yourself if it is necessary or even real. Does that should belong to you or someone else? Are you ‘should-ing on yourself’? 


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