Have you got your man pants on?

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With the shift in consciousness generated from an equality movement in the 60’s, women are now wearing more hats than ever before – and many of those hats are man hats! I bet when those women started burning their bras they couldn’t have envisioned the immense pressure it would apply to females just a few generations down the track. In the modern world we still naturally nurture children and homes alike but more than ever before we need to fit that in when we have finished a full day’s work.

And what has happened with that? Women have lost their…sparkle. Let’s discuss.

Have you been to a crossfit gym lately and noticed just how masculine so many girls are looking? What happened to softness, curves and walking like a lady and not like you have an appendage sprouting?

Marianne Williamson says that in a relationship you cannot have masculine and masculine energy. So if the woman is more masculine the man has two choices:

  1. Become more feminine (not necessarily sneaking up to dress up in your delicates but not stepping into his masculine energy)
  2. Leave. He be gone. (this also applies to gay relationships)

Do you feel that by being more feminine you are less powerful, won’t be listened to, will be less visible and will seem passive?


If a man opens a door for you do you feel that he is perhaps suggesting you don’t have the strength to do it yourself? If so let me urge you to take a deep breath and try to invoke your feminine goddess. Let’s be clear that there are many incredibly feminine women who are powerful beyond measure – they just don’t need to act like a man to get there.

You do not need to dress like a man. You do not need to be in control. You do not need to be in charge of sex (come on ladies, this is not a dominatrix show – let the man wear the pants). You will set a powerful example to your young ladies that to embrace femininity is to be true to yourself.

Some tips:

  • Soften. Take a deep breath and find your soft voice (you don’t need to talk like a high powered business man to be heard).
  • Let your man make dinner reservations and choose the venue.
  • Create space for yourself away from work to have a little lady pamper (without the need to justify it because you’re busier than you’ve ever been in your life!)
  • Wear clothes that are fluid and show your lady lines (and you don’t need to be a stick figure – stick insects are not the most beautiful insects). Actually, wear whatever you want as long as it represents you and not the work environment in which you hang.

The world is created beautifully and with balance by allowing both yin and yang in equal parts. Ximena Gonzales speaks of the yang domination of the world – concrete structures, money, pollution, aggression, stress. We need to up the yin ante and the best place to start is with the women. 





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