Let me put it like this….

You know that dog on funniest home videos who keeps chasing it’s own tail trying to bite it because he thinks it’s trying to attack him? That is what an auto immune disease is like. Through misread signals your own body attacks itself. Crazy right?

Your immune system is sending out soldiers to attack the perceived enemy (gluten) and those soldiers (antibodies) don’t recognize where they’re meant to attack. They end up attacking the homeland (villi in coeliac disease, joints in arthritis, skin in eczema, brain tissue in alzheimers) instead.


Massive thanks to Katherine Branch for your interpretive villi!

These miniscule structures (villi) enable the nutrients from food to be passed into your bloodstream. So when these villi become damaged, a state of villous atrophy (flattening of villi) occurs and if left undiagnosed, malnutrition and serious health conditions may develop.

In a nutshell, the body wrongly reacts to gluten, damaging the little villi and resulting in a state where the body cannot absorb any nutrients from food.  Over time this is why the types of conditions linked with Coeliac Disease exist – they are often to do with being malnourished… like osteoporosis.

It is reported that 1 in 80 Australian females have Coeliac Disease but only 75% are diagnosed.