When looking at a product, going in this order will save you hours of packet-gazing in the aisles.

  1. Look on the front of the product to see if it is marked as “gluten free”. If it says gluten free on the label it’s good to go.
  2. Turn to the ingredient list. Here look for any of the known contaminating grains or cereals. TIP: know what you must avoid and then everything else is easy.
  3. Look for an allergen warning including advice about cross contamination and statements like “manufactured on equipment which may process gluten” etc.
  4. If you see nothing at any of these points to indicate gluten, then it is safe to eat.

The Four Exceptions

  • Glucose syrup (from wheat)
  • Caramel (from wheat)
  • Glucose (from wheat)
  • Dextrose (from wheat)

Legally the wheat must be identified but it is so heavily processed that the gluten is within safe limits.  These foods are gluten safe.