How musterbating can smother your dreams

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            Have you ever stopped to think about how being a ‘should-er’ of ‘musterbater’ could be hindering your progress in your attempts to be the most successful person you can be? Hesitation, procrastination, and musterbation are all disguises of self sabotage.  Wayne Dyer said it beautifully in his book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ when he said “What would … Read More

Mother’s Instinct

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Today I want to post about something close to my heart. As a Mum, I believe I have an innate gift. I have the gift of ‘just knowing’. Mother’s Intuition…Instinct. I often know when something isn’t right – even if I don’t know what or why. It goes back to basic survival instincts and it means that as a Mum, … Read More

Filling The GAPS

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This is a very personal post based on my own experiences.  I am not advising anyone do what I have done as this is my own journey and every body is different. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease nearly five years ago.  This followed on from my entire life living with gut and related immune function issues.  There is no … Read More

The Responsible Book Writer

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Yesterday I was researching gluten free books.  I’ve just written my first book about keeping your child gluten safe whilst still living life to it’s fullest. It’s exciting and it’s an awesome book. (Launch info to be released shortly – I’m now researching for my second book, which leads me to be doing some quite serious investigating. Now just so … Read More

Where To Spend on Organics…

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When I began my gluten free life, I simply replaced.  I replaced bread, cereal, biscuits and pasta.  This was all I knew. And then, over time, I decided that this Coeliac Disease ‘obstacle’ was the perfect opportunity for me to make a shift. And a shift for the better at that. These days I spend most of my waking life … Read More

The Agave Investigation

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Yesterday I came across a list identifying the ‘top ten worst food ingredients to avoid’. Of course as I scan down the list I am not surprised.  I see MSG, aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), but sitting firmly in position number four I see agave nectar and this brings me to a stop.  But agave is the good sweetener… … Read More

Slow Food Movement

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I’m sitting in a café in the beautiful town of Woodend, in Victoria, because I’ve decided to give myself two days off. Just to stop. Stop working, thinking, racing, doing. In the spirit of that, I’ve wandered through town, bought some second hand books (original Enid Blyton hardbacks for Immy too) and scouted around for the café that most appeals … Read More