Savoury Pumpkin Pancakes

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Savoury Pumpkin Pancakes A delightful Winter breakfast that is free from cereals, toast and all of those things people find difficult to navigate away from. Come with me to learn how to make your own pumpkin pancakes and why they rocked my morning… So give you the context, this morning I was lucky enough to escape the house under the cover … Read More

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

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I promised this for Sunday last but it has had to wait while the paint dries on the new and snazzy website. Thanks for your patience. And it seems ideal to be sharing this nourishing recipe as the rain gently pours and I’m nestled on the couch with my little one in our pyjamas (it’s only 6.30pm). When it comes … Read More

Wintery Soup Time – A Gluten Free Delight

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There is no greater time to feel the full gritty cold of a Melbourne Winter than when you return from a tropical holiday. One day, you’re on a beach drinking coconut water, the next you’ve had to pull out the scarves and gloves. It’s a shock to the system – to say the least. And with cold weather comes the … Read More

Pumpkin, Hazelnut and Ginger Soup

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It’s half past four on an Autumnal Thursday afternoon. Nearly time to think about dinner. I am not one of those people who know in the morning what I’m having for dinner. Some people are programmed that way and the rest of us just wing it. I can stand gazing into my fridge for endless minutes, somewhere around dinner time. … Read More

Butter Chicken

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Well it seems the Winter chill setting in, so it’s time for dishes which are warm, comforting, nourishing and exciting.  Curry is one of the safest gluten free meal options available.  A good curry is always flavoursome and bursting with nutritious spices.   This butter chicken is a great recipe.   For Tandoori masala, and any chilli spices, visit your … Read More