Chia Pudding

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You know sometimes when you are about to sit down to freshly flipped pancakes or a bowl of fresh fruit salad and there’s that something missing? Or for people more like me, you need that certain cheeky something in the fridge so that when you do a walk-by you can do so with a teaspoon in hand and casually dunk … Read More

Chocolate Nut Bananasicle

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Oh sweet Summer where have you been! We’ve just had our first weekend of warm weather for the season and it has been heavenly. Everyone is smiling – you can feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on your face. It really does pick the soul right up off the chilly floor. I love the change of season and … Read More

Sweet Omelette

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You might have noticed I’ve been posting a little bit lately about A Nourishing Kitchen which is an incredible gluten free, healthy, and totally scrumptious cookbook that you can order through my site. On a Sunday night (or Monday occasionally as the weekend flies by with the circus and school holidays and a house full of guests) I love to … Read More

A Darling Blogpost & Spiced Orange Choc Chip Cookies

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I get all excited when I find something fabulous. I was on Instagram last week (@healthybeetle) and I see someone make a comment about an awesome blog they follow.  Always up for some new inspiration so I quickly check it out. The blog is called My Darling Lemon Thyme (love it) and Emma is a Kiwi (instant patriotic appreciation). Of … Read More

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

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Image thanks to Elana’s Pantry. Love her work! You can get your kids to absolutely devour it and they don’t know they’re getting good food with the good taste. I wanted to post this recipe last week as I made it as part of a particularly scrumptious brekky. There was lots of fresh fruit and a homemade grain free muesli … Read More

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie For Pappy

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It’s Sunday again, and that means, cooking, baking, prepping and getting my gluten free food on! I made this during the week and was blown away by a couple of things. If you’ve noticed a theme with the recipes I post, it is that they are simple. And frankly, it doesn’t get any easier than this little honey. It was … Read More

Yummy Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

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It’s Easter Sunday night. It is well and truly time to move away from chocolate eggs and hot cross buns… enough! No, it’s been an awesome Easter and it’s always so much yummy fun. I was skimming through some websites and came across this amazing looking gluten free Pumpkin Bread. It looked so good and by all accounts the recipe … Read More

Apple Shortcake Squares

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Yesterday morning was our annual Easter Egg hunt. A few days early, I know, but juggling the kiddie social life means changing Easter – it’s just that simple. I had decided I’d make healthy, gluten free hot cross buns with Loving Earth raw chocolate and organic (ugly) apricots. As I type this, I’m so glad I chose to do an … Read More

Raw Carrot Cake

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I don’t often post recipes but last week I put this up on my Facebook page and then this weekend I had my fancy apron on so thought I’d whip it up. Here’s what I LOVE about it: It’s gluten free It takes no time to make You don’t cook it – yay When I cook, it has to be … Read More

Raw Chocolate Gluten-Free Ice Cream

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I’m not a big one for recipes, but every now and then I come across something so good it would be wrong not to share it. This ice cream is not only so easy to make, but it tastes AMAZING and it has no sugar and no dairy – which is great for those on dietary restrictions. And of course, … Read More