If you’re symptom free, why avoid gluten?

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How do you explain to someone that it’s critical to avoid gluten if you don’t really get any symptoms?   It’s my personal belief that we are a society of symptom-lovers. We take a symptom, apply it liberally to an outdated belief system, take medications to instantly supress those symptoms and proceed. The main problem with this is that the … Read More

The great migraine mystery

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I was out at a farewell shindig on the weekend and got to hang out with a  group of gorgeous folk that I don’t get to see much these days. As a rule I can expect one of a number of topics to come up fairly rapidly when I’m out and about. They are something like gluten, gut health, symptoms and … Read More

Have you got your man pants on?

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With the shift in consciousness generated from an equality movement in the 60’s, women are now wearing more hats than ever before – and many of those hats are man hats! I bet when those women started burning their bras they couldn’t have envisioned the immense pressure it would apply to females just a few generations down the track. In … Read More

How musterbating can smother your dreams

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            Have you ever stopped to think about how being a ‘should-er’ of ‘musterbater’ could be hindering your progress in your attempts to be the most successful person you can be? Hesitation, procrastination, and musterbation are all disguises of self sabotage.  Wayne Dyer said it beautifully in his book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ when he said “What would … Read More

Digestive Processes – the value of the slow chew

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Tasting some raw cacao balls had us all consciously eating

Last week I hosted The Natural Health Reset at Impala and Peacock (a wonderfully delicious organic tea house/yoga hub) in Brunswick, Melbourne.  I know there are loads of important things to chat about when we talk holistic health, so I chose three topics dear to my heart that I felt had the most immediate value for my people – Digestion, … Read More

Pulling back the fuzz to help you implement change

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Good morning gorgeous people It is so awesome wearing my new skin. I’ve worked solidly in the gluten free space for the past few years, and I’m LOVING being able to now share information about my passion – holistic health. It seems that many people think this is a bit fluffy and purple velvet, but let me assure you it’s … Read More