Mother’s Instinct

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Today I want to post about something close to my heart. As a Mum, I believe I have an innate gift. I have the gift of ‘just knowing’. Mother’s Intuition…Instinct. I often know when something isn’t right – even if I don’t know what or why. It goes back to basic survival instincts and it means that as a Mum, … Read More

Coeliac Support Group Australia

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What point is there in having a dietary limitation or auto immune disease if you can’t talk about it!  I just recently found this great network of Coeliacs.  So far from the discussions I have learnt: * many people are experiencing the same problems (and they’re not all about Coeliac Disease) * everyone contributes positively * solutions and remedies are … Read More

Raising the gluten free levels in your food

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For those of us who absolutely must avoid gluten, it seems kinda odd that there is talk of increasing the amount of gluten allowed in gluten free products. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to see people lobbying against this. I was happy to read this article in the Herald Sun where a gastroenterologist is standing up for … Read More

Gluten Free Baking Class – A Gift to You!

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Hi all I know when we first go gluten free and we want to get cracking with some awesome home baking, there can be a bit of confusion around what’s safe. And don’t even get me started on what flour to use… it’s a mine field! Well, today we are lucky because the lovely Anneka from BakeClub (if you ever … Read More

How To Get A Diagnosis

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This month (August) I’m basing most of my postings around the lives of children. There are many, many little people out there with food intolerances and allergies, so I want to give the parents a hand up and share with you some of the stuff we talk about in the consultations. This week, my video guide is about how to … Read More

Sweet Omelette

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You might have noticed I’ve been posting a little bit lately about A Nourishing Kitchen which is an incredible gluten free, healthy, and totally scrumptious cookbook that you can order through my site. On a Sunday night (or Monday occasionally as the weekend flies by with the circus and school holidays and a house full of guests) I love to … Read More

A Darling Blogpost & Spiced Orange Choc Chip Cookies

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I get all excited when I find something fabulous. I was on Instagram last week (@healthybeetle) and I see someone make a comment about an awesome blog they follow.  Always up for some new inspiration so I quickly check it out. The blog is called My Darling Lemon Thyme (love it) and Emma is a Kiwi (instant patriotic appreciation). Of … Read More

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

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Image thanks to Elana’s Pantry. Love her work! You can get your kids to absolutely devour it and they don’t know they’re getting good food with the good taste. I wanted to post this recipe last week as I made it as part of a particularly scrumptious brekky. There was lots of fresh fruit and a homemade grain free muesli … Read More

Videos – Living Gluten Free

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I’ve met so many people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance, and there are a bunch of things that people commonly do that kind of hinders their progress. Dive in and have a look so you can avoid some of the common mistakes. Check out the cute gigglers at the end… Label Reading   Getting A Diagnosis  

Auto Immune Disease – What Is It?

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I’ve been following Dr Thomas O’Bryan (not literally) He’s a world leading expert on auto immune disease and Coeliac Disease… I’ve been listening to a lot of his talks and presentations (lord he’s soooo interesting). Here’s a little look into what he says about auto immune disease and who is likely to have it. Firstly, let me share something personal … Read More