Pulling back the fuzz to help you implement change

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Good morning gorgeous people It is so awesome wearing my new skin. I’ve worked solidly in the gluten free space for the past few years, and I’m LOVING being able to now share information about my passion – holistic health. It seems that many people think this is a bit fluffy and purple velvet, but let me assure you it’s … Read More

Chia Pudding

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You know sometimes when you are about to sit down to freshly flipped pancakes or a bowl of fresh fruit salad and there’s that something missing? Or for people more like me, you need that certain cheeky something in the fridge so that when you do a walk-by you can do so with a teaspoon in hand and casually dunk … Read More

A Little Bit Pregnant

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I’m not “up the duff” – let’s just get that straight from the get-go. Of all of the conversations I have with people about Coeliac Disease and gluten, I reckon this is probably the most frustrating. I’m gunna give it to you as it happened today (bear in mind that although this incident is accurate it is also a representation … Read More

So busy blogging I haven’t blogged!

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I have been neglecting my post – big fat apologies for that. But in saying that, I’ve never blogged more in my life! Recently I completed the first part of my holistic lifestyle coaching studies and it has reassured me that I’m perfectly on path. I’m on track to gain as much information as I can to help those who are struggling … Read More

What Is Gluten?

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Gluten – like glue, but different Why is this protein causing so many headaches? (literally) Let me begin by asking you a question. Did you know that gluten is in corn, millet and many other grains we are told are safe to eat when avoiding gluten? So the big question. What is gluten? Some would say its wheat (don’t listen to … Read More

Chocolate Nut Bananasicle

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Oh sweet Summer where have you been! We’ve just had our first weekend of warm weather for the season and it has been heavenly. Everyone is smiling – you can feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on your face. It really does pick the soul right up off the chilly floor. I love the change of season and … Read More