Bridget “Bee” Pennington

aka The Wellness Mentor

Bee profile 4In 2008 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and that is when I became obsessive (in a really good way) about gluten. Pretty soon I was well and truly ensconced in ‘gluten free land’ and given the fact that coeliac disease (CD) is something that I’ll have forever and ever and possibly ever, gluten will continue to be a huge chunk of my life.

When I think back to my younger years I can now stockpile a huge list of symptoms like bloating, constipation, joint pain, poor circulation, tummy aches, then later on I had delayed puberty (which at the time I thought was awesome), infertility, hair loss, brain fog… get the picture?

It was when I studied clinical nutrition that the lightbulbs started going off. Boy was I pumped about understanding the body and food and how they intricately dance to create health (or a clear absence of it). Following that study I continued to research about health and nutrition and came across Holistic lifestyle coaching which has been an incredible experience in understanding how our bodies operate as a whole. I love being a wellness practitioner as I can now coach my clients to amazing health by incorporating really practical, grounded strategies into their daily life.

I am a little bit like a mosquito of health and nutrition – constantly tapping into any source of nourishment I can get my teeth into. It’s awesome and to be able to practice what I teach is the most exciting part of my holistic journey (apart from teaching my daughter all of the awesome elements of a healthy approach to life).

My first book, Happy Gluten-Free Kids, is something I’m incredibly proud of. To give parents some truly practical tools and information to keep their little ones gluten safe just makes me want to burst because I can tell you first hand that figuring out gluten-free land is like a minefield!

These last five years I’ve been on my own journey to my best health and and I’m pretty excited that I also get to coach others into their best health. It’s like the best job in the world!