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This program is a great fit for you if:

  • Exercise is important to you but you struggle to stay motivated
  • You want regular PT sessions and want great value for money (i.e., three sessions for the price of one)
  • You’ve lost a bit of condition and want to get it back
  • You live somewhere in Melbourne’s Inner West and want to train local
  • You’re looking for fitness as well as nutrition support
  • You train best in small groups (places are strictly limited)
  • You want more than your average bootcamp (see bonuses below)
  • You’ve never done personal training or bootcamp before
  • You have a goal that you want to achieve (special occasion, fitness adventure, sunny holiday)
  • Learning and practicing correct movement is important to you
  • You want to be in optimal health

“optimal depends on what you’re optimising for”

Do you have goals?

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re already at the peak of your performance and looking to go even further
  • You have a tendency to give up easily
  • You need to be pushed and prodded to get going and stay with the program
  • You have no health or lifestyle goals – if GoT is more important to you than your GUT 😉
  • You have an injury that will prevent you from training



 “When I had the opportunity, did I choose courage over comfort?”

Brene Brown

Bee Pennington 4804


There is no doubt it takes more courage, conviction and hutzpah to train through Winter, but imagine how awesome you’ll be on the other side! You’ll be able to waltz into Spring with a (ahem) spring in your step knowing that you’re in great shape – with energy, strength and bunch of great habits that see you making optimal choices for long term health.

We know that with Winter comes a tendency to slow down, eat big comfort meals, snuggle on the couch and get lost in episodes of…whatever the latest thing is.

Then we get to Spring and there’s a major panic because it’s all gone to dust and suddenly no clothes fit, you have totally lost your motivation and exercise feels altogether too hard. With Summer around the corner the race is on to get back in shape to feel and look great. Right?

What’s the solution?

  • Maintain (or increase) your fitness,
  • Keep your energy levels pumping,
  • Keep your immune system firing – reducing likelihood of Winter illnesses taking hold (sleep and diet play a big role here)
  • Upgrade your diet (unless you’re already a food Superstar, that is),
  • Train in a group with other health lovers
  • Create a bunch of sustainable healthy habits that’ll stick over time.

Welcome to the 12 Week Winter Bootcamp – designed to keep your body Summer-fit and feeling great.

You get:

3 Bootcamps every week

As well as:
Metabolic typing test,
Healthy food plan,
Bring a friend for free day,

Home stretching plan,
Sugar free challenge week,
Booze free week.


The 12 week program kicks off Tuesday 4th July 2017.

Weekly training times:

  • Tuesday 6:15pm
  • Thursday 6:15pm
  • Saturday 7:45am

Training sessions are 60 minutes and include stretching and energy building exercises as well as a good workout.

Prior to starting all participants complete a Training Readiness Questionnaire, Metabolic testing and a one week food, sleep and exercise diary. The diary will enable me to give you specific, tailored support around how you can modify (upgrade) your eating habits to best support your health and fitness goals. This is not going to be hardcore ‘prepping for a body building event’ style nutrition guidance. I want you to learn about health, how food and fitness relate, and create healthy habits that stick.

Yes this is about fitness with a strong focus on food, lifestyle and holistic health.


The Investment

I want this to be accessible for people and so have designed a robust program that is full of value, all for the cost of 1 personal training session per week!

Weekly scheduled payment of $60 means you don’t have to pay up front, you get three training sessions for the price of 1 PLUS all of the dietary and lifestyle bonuses.

Places are strictly limited in order to deliver best value.


To find out about me and what skills I bring to this, please click over on the About Me page and read up. It’ll tell you things like I am a full time health coach and personal trainer and bring a truly holistic approach to training. With qualifications in holistic health coaching, clinical nutrition and personal training, you’ll get more than the average pt!


Will you join me?

To register interest email Bee on